Quicker, Better, Cheaper

Lean in back-office areas such as Legal, HR, and IT and even the more customer-focused areas such as Marketing and Complaints

The common feature of the Lean work that JSK Solutions has done outside the Finance function has been that the processes have not been transactional in nature, but more professional. Our approach works really well in these ‘difficult’ processes.

We worked with the in-house Legal division of a large bank in the UK using Lean methods to identify almost 15% of capacity that can be released to reduce costs and/or improve services – read the case study here.

JSK supported the HR department of a multinational insurance company to use Lean methods to substantially reduce the work involved in the hiring process and to make it for more enjoyable for candidates.

We worked with a software developer to see how they could integrate Lean methods into their agile development approach to continuously improve how they developed software.

JSK helped the marketing department of a leading catalog marketing company to reduce the number of iterations to produce material for their catalogs so that marketing decisions could be made much closer to the production deadline and also reduce costs.

JSK worked with the Complaints team in a large insurer to help them speed up the process so that they could meet the timelines set by the ombudsman and substantially reduce the costs of so doing.

If you would like to find out more about how to improve your non-transactional processes please contact us