Quicker, Better, Cheaper

For more than a decade we have been helping Finance teams to do things better; to spend less time on activities, to do them quicker, to produce better quality outputs in the eyes of your customers.

Please contact me on +44 (zero) 7767 406 309 or kevin (dot) dilton-hill (at) jsk-solutions (dot) com to arrange a discussion on how we are working with Finance Teams, to see if it sparks off any helpful ideas for you. We can share with you Finance Team Best Practice that could really make a difference to the performance of your Finance Department.

Some of the things that we could talk about include Insight, Efficiency and Control or looking at it in a different dimension, People, Process and Systems

Insight, Efficiency and Control
Insight – Research by the big accounting firms show that senior management are placing increasing reliance on ‘management information’ but top financial people are not happy with the quality of the information that they provide.
Efficiency – Finance departments are being asked to do more, to cope better with ever-changing requirements but are not being provided with additional resources so they have to make better use with what they have. Our experience is that Lean is an extremely effective way of doing this in Finance.
Control – Requirements for effective controls are not diminishing but our experience is that the cost of control should be a big topic. We have seen many duplicated controls, many ineffective controls and many controls done by too senior people; all opportunities to reduce the cost of control whilst maintaining or improving its effectiveness

People, Process and Systems
People – Getting Finance people actively involved in Finance Transformation and providing them with skills and behaviours to succeed are key.
Process – Sustainable, repeatable, controlled and cost effective processes are what are required in Finance but many processes are nowhere near this standard. Our qualified, experienced finance people get processes up to this standard using Lean and other methods.
Systems – Because of the time and difficulty of major systems changes we look at how effectively Finance people are using the existing systems and often achieve significant benefits. There are also ‘standalone’ systems that can improve the management of Finance work and can be implemented quickly with minimum IT involvement.