Quicker, Better, Cheaper

Cutting the time to deliver benefits from months to weeks using JSK Solutions’ Lean Review approach to process improvement projects

Many projects take months before any benefits are delivered. JSK have applied Lean principles to redesign the typical project approach to ensure benefits start being delivered in weeks.

JSK start by using a simple evaluation method to prioritise processes for improvement.

JSK’s Lean Review workshops take a week of half-days and implementation of the improvements starts Monday. Our experience with this approach is that

  • It is fast-paced and builds momentum and enthusiasm
  • It avoids the ‘put-down and pick-up’ time and energy loss from spreading it over a longer period
  • It focuses on one area that is relevant to all participants
  • The improvement suggestions are owned and promoted by the team
  • Improvements can start to be implemented the next week
  • It takes staff out of BAU for only 2-3hrs a day

If you would like to find out more about the rapid delivery of benefits please contact us.