Quicker, Better, Cheaper



  • We had our first experience of using Lean methods in services in 1995. We adapted the tools and methods from the factory floor to the close process in the Finance function
  • Since then we have specialised in Lean off the factory floor. This encompasses the service aspect of manufacturing businesses and all the processes in service businesses.
  • JSK’s mantra for Lean is ‘quicker, better, cheaper’. We have applied Lean Six sigma to processes in Finance in particular but also in HR, Customer Service, Marketing, Legal and even R&D.
  • We have used Lean Six Sigma in the operations areas of service businesses; to how your business actually delivers its services to customers.

vs big firms

  • Your success is personal to us; we don’t have the luxury of you not achieving your ROI because it is our business reputation at risk
  • We only use experienced consultants; not juniors who are one page ahead in the instruction manual supervised by a largely absent partner
  • We are not afraid to challenge and change our approach to make sure we do what will work – we’re not bound by the ‘standard way of doing things’; we have the freedom to do whatever it takes to deliver the right result